Axel Martínez

About me

Hi there! My name is Axel Uriel Martínez Castillo and I'm a software artisan (engineer, developer, whatever you wanna call it; just never a ninja, rockstar or wizard... 😝) from Mexico who is currently and happily employed to work on the Front End side of things for building web apps.

I'm also always trying to build or create something to scratch an own itch, and that is also aimed at sharing with others what I've learned in the process.

This is why I have a YouTube channel, a Notes On Vue website and the ocassional blog post.

Feel free to reach out and thanks a lot for checking out my content in advance, I sure hope it will help you one way or another.


Video series

The idea behind the videos on YouTube is to present a series each time I work on something. From desktop apps, to in-browser voice recording ones and documentation sites.

Video content can be tricky to follow: scrubbing the video in search for what you want or need can be time consuming. So my main idea is to share with you via small videos how these apps are created piece by piece. This way you can hopefully find what you need in the shorter pieces.

I try to go straight to the point and trust you will be able to figure out whatever you need for the extra information regarding the different topics.

Check out the YouTube playlists to see what I am talking about.

This is the very first playlist I created, and it took me quite a while:

Video thumbnail

And this one is more recent, can you spot the difference in the audio quality?

Video thumbnail

Notes on Vue

I am in the path of becoming an instructor of sorts. I like sharing my knowledge and learning new things, but I also like eating and providing to my family the best life I can give them. So the idea for this website is two folded:

  • I want to organize my ideas and prepare some material I can use to be able to impart courses on Vue. At the same time other people can see what my level of understanding the technology is.
  • I wanted to learn VuePress and see what it was all about. So that eventually I could also share my findings.

This is a continuos Work In Progress and I plan on finishing it sooner rather than later. Maybe by the first couple months within 2021 I will be done with it. 🤞

Here is a peek into what it looks like:


A good friend and I recently started working on a podcast for Spanish speaking developers.

We are aiming it at being Web Development related, but it might have a couple other topics in there.

If you speak Spanish, or want to learn and practice I encourage you to give us a listen! 😁

Thanks for checking out this website! You can get a hold of me via email too, if you wanna do that: axel [dot] uriel [dot] mc [at] gmail [dot] com.

The links on the left is where you can reach me on social media if you prefer.